Tim Bourquin – Podcast & New Media Expo

Tim Bourquin and his brother Emile co-founded the Podcast and New Media Expo in Ontario California in the summer of 2005 setting the bar incredibly high for all future podcasting events.

In this interview we look at Tim and his brothers contribution to the podcasting space. We talk about the Podcast & New Media Expo, and the birth of an event where the podcasting community came together as a big family. For those that where not involved in the early days of podcasting this episode is going to set the tone for what I hope to accomplish with this show.

Tim is no longer active in the podcasting space beyond being a fan.. But you can check out his latest endeavors at AfterOffers.com.

One thought on “Tim Bourquin – Podcast & New Media Expo

  1. Absolutely fun–I was riveted and amazed at how many memories the “story” brought back since I was only a podcast listener and function attendee by virtue of hanging out with you Todd in those early days. Thank you for having the foresight to realize that we need to capture these Legends voices and memories because, of all people, we know life is too short.

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